sieve shaker

sieve shaker

Test screen is a concentration of liquid filtration and powder grading as the standard sieve analysis, with a three dimensional movement allows the materials to move evenly over the entire screening surface, and it is mainly used in research institutes and internal laboratory of enterprises, universities for the anlysis of granularity. Can suit for any dry and wet screening, such as food, cement, ceramics, building material, medicine, etc., and it has the advantages of smooth vibration, the vibration force big, stable performance, network speed, light weight, simple operation, etc.

 1. Can set the time and amplitude, minimum analysis error, maximum screening efficiency
2. Suitable for all kinds of specification, irregular size of the composition testing, classification of hard materials production and the granularity testing
3. Additional parts, like the mobile wheel, removing-dust hole and noise-proof base, can be easily fixed and maintained
4. There have the screening ability and scope that other screening equipment can not reach
5. No special requirements for equipment foundation, general cement floor can be used directly
6. Automatic cleaning device, convenient maintenance, light weight, simple structure and less blocking screen
7. Provides you with quality assured, contaminant free product
8. Fully enclose screen body, friendly environment


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