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low profile flow thru separators (JET-VO7)

low profile flow thru separators

The discharge vibrating screen is a multi-usage and new type of screening machine, divided into two kinds of single vibration source and dual vibration source, mainly used in the removing impurities and screening of powder in the process of production line.

1. The parts without health dead angle, easy to clean and disinfect, comply with the specification of food and pharmaceutical industry
2. Using the dual motor to optimize and balance the structure, reasonable and durable design, simple structure, practical and beautiful
3. The materials are automatically discahrged, easy to the installation of assembly line equipment, small volume, east to move
4. Large handling capacity, long service life, high screening efficiency, low energy consumption, all enclosed structure, low noise
5. The upper discharging port can be 360 degree to adjust, occupy small space, can be single-layer or multi-layer to use
6. Strong screening ability and wide using scope, some advantages is that other screening machine cannot achieve
7. The screen body uses the bolt to connect, can be directly placed between the raw material drum and storage drum, high strength, save space.


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