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Rotary Vibrating Screen JET-450

Rotary Vibrating Screen

JET-450 type filtration machine is a new type and single layer filter and screening equipment with the reasonable structure, stable performance, high screening efficiency, convenient maintenance and movement, etc., and both used for powder and granule, but can be used liquid filtration. It consists of machine body, vibrating motor, outlet hopper, sieve machine-control device, adopts a new type vibrating structure, and widely used for all industry manufacturers with single layer screening and small filtering handling capacity material with fewer impurities.
1. The part contacting material must be 100% stainless steel 304
2. No mesh plug, no dust flying, no powder leakage, easy operation and cleaning
3. High screening efficiency, refined and durable design, suit for any powder, particle and liquid screening
4. Small volume, light weight, easy to move, convenient movement
5. Automatically discharged, working constantly 6. Unique screen frame design, the screen can be replaced quickly and easily


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