Tumbler screen

Tumbler screen

Tumbler screen is a low frequency vibrating screen imitated the manual screening process, and it can process the nonlinear three dimensional motion by adjusting the eccentricity of exciter, the screening method is similar to manual screening, so as to achieve the screening effect, equipped the unique cleaning screen device, to reach the higher screening effect. By the way, it can use longer time than common cylinder sieve, especially siut for high precision screening of the material of round, schistose and other irregular shape

1. Unique cleaning screen device, having ultrasonic cleaning device, bouncing ball cleaning device, rotary brush cleaning device
2. The screening accuracy is much higher than 5-10 times of the conventional screening machine, especially for the fine particles
3. More than 5 times of output per unit area, accurate to 6 levels of screening, the screening efficinecy up to 90%-95%
4. Especially suit for the high value-added products, improve the profit
5. Sealing structure, no mesh plug, safe operation, high efficinecy
6. Improve the service life of screening parts, reduce the maintain cost
7. Noise is lower than 75 dB, lower dynanic load of foundation


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