Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear vibrating screen uses the dual vibration motor to do synchronous, reverse rotation, making the exciting force of the eccentric block offset in the direction parallel to the axis of the motor, then in the vertical direction of the motor shaft fold to a resultant, which make the material can be thrown on the screen, and moving forward as a straight line. With high handling capacity, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, all enclosed structure and other features, it is more suitable for assembly line operation.

 1. Materials can be automatically discharged from the respective discharge port, with large yield
2. Simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low energy consumption
3. All enclosed structure, stable and advanced design, no dust flying, low cost
4. The long distance of the screening machine causes the material to stay longer time on the screen surface, high screening efficiency
5. Dual vibration motor as the exciting source, obvious processing effect, can operate continuously
6. The parts of screening body adopt steel plates and sectional material welded togehter (part of the body for bolt connection), the overall good stiffness, strong and stable
7. Can be single-layer or multi-layers to use, longer service life
8. Suitable for size sieving, grading, decontaminating of material, with big processing capacity.


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