Gyratory Sifter

Gyratory Sifter

Gyrotary vibration screen is an advanced and high effective screening machine, its trajectory is that at the feed end it is the horizontal circular motion, in the length direction gradually becoming the elliptical movement, finally in the discharge end transforming into the reciprocating linear motion, with high screening efficiency, low noise, large yield, convenient maintenance and other features, widely used in food, chemical industry, building material, metallurgy, ceramic, medicine, paper-making industry, etc.

1. The main components adopt the mechanical bending, riveting, welding, good sealing performance
2. all enclosed structure, no dust pollution, stable and reliable work, convenient operation and maintenance 3. Gyratory reciprocating motion ensures the material constantly contact with the screen surface, high screening efficiency
4. Compact structure, neat and beautiful appearance, high production capacity, low energy consumption
5. Adopt the belt drive, smooth transmission, reliability, low noise, easy installation and maintenance
6. The machine is equipped with the automatical cleaning device, and combines the advantages of the circular movement, elliptical movement and reciprocating linear motion, so large production capacity, high efficiency.
7. Using the special balance mode (provided with an eccentric hammer), and different handling capacity and mesh can be customized according to the customers’ requirement.


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