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JET-4012/JET-4018 Full-Automatic Case Erector


Full-Automatic Case Erector

Characteristics :

  1. Design rationalization, synchronize the bottom folded and sealed
  2. Stable operation, long operating life, high efficiency
  3. Automatic alarm when lacking the tape or cartons
  4. With the blade protective device to avoid accidentally stabbed when operating the machine
Model JET-4012 JET-4018
Power supply 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Air Supply 6-7kg 6-7kg
Machine size L2000*W1900*H1450mm L2400*W2050*H1450mm
Machine weight 400kg 450kg
Conveyor speed 10-12boxes/min 15-18boxes/min
Max. packager size W450*W400*H350mm W450*W400*H350mm
Min. packager size L200*W150*H100mm L200*W150*H100mm
Tape width  48, 60, 75mm *L1000mm  48, 60, 75mm *L1000mm


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