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Laser Die Cutting Machine 200W

Laser Die Cutting Machine is installed on a splitting or rewinding machine, to cut, mark, drill,slice and trim on OPP,BOPP, PE,PET,Aluminum paper, paper or soft package. The process is to use a Laser beam focusing on a designed solid line, dashed line, wave line, and easy tear film to cut a fine line with a depth of only a few microns which has an advantage over Micro processing of materials. Laser Die Cutting Machine is a non-contact processing tech,marking, drilling patterns can be set at will without losing the function of cutting, trimming and drilling. It works on roll material with different thickness, it has a better compatibility and versatility.


1) High Marking Precision

2) Free Maintenance, easy to operation

3) Excellent Laser beam quality

4) Long life,laser generator life over 100,000 hours

5) Humanized design,convenient installation

6) Low power consumption,stability laser output

7) High electronic conversion efficiency

8) Import high speed galvo scanner system

9) FDA Certificate, No Laser Additives added

10) Desktop/ flying, CO2/ Fiber/ UV,Chinese/    imported Laser optional



Model JET 200W Series
Marking Area 0-1000mm(Width can be customized)
Speed Dot/Line/Cut 260-300m/min
Laser Power 200W  or Customized
Marking Speed ≤300m/min;(galvanometer speed:30000mm/s)
Minium Line Width 0.02mm
Repeated Precision ±0.001mm
Working Temperature 0-40℃
Machine Power 1000W
Consumption 5L/min
Support Format AI/CRD/PCT/DXF etc.



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