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Vertical Packing Machine (JET-V620)






  1. Automatic basic packing machine: finish the works of making bags, filling rice, sealing, cutting.
  2. Single bucket volume cups measuring equipment’s: finish the work of measuring your wanted packing volume.
  3. Finished products conveyor: finish the work of conveying the packed rice out of the machine.





Power on (set constant temperature) → Set Parameter (the bag size, package weight) →feeding→ Material Convey → Measuring → Bag Forming → Filling → Sealing → Cutting →Printing Production Date/Expired Date → Finished Products Conveyor


    • This machine can finish feeding, measuring, pulling, filling, forming, cutting
    • Chinese-English touch screen display, easy operation and maintenance.
    • Mitsubishi PLC control system insure steady working conditions, and available to adjust any parameter without stopping the machine.
    • Adopt Servo motor to pull film, more accurate.
    • Independent temperature control system, precision±1 degree, to ensure a good fit of various kinds of complex film, PE film.
    • Automatic alarm protects system, to save the waste into minimum limited.
    • Various kinds of packing style, back sealed, gusset insert, punch and etc…
    • With lower noise to keep quiet working environment.






Item Automatic Granule Packing machine for Rice, sugar, beans, etc  


Model JET-V620
Filling Volume cups
Bag style back sealed bags
Volume/bag 5kg, packing volume can be adjusted at a certain range
Film width 620mm max film width
Bag size L 80-500mm, W 50-300mm
Packing speed 5-8 bags/min, 5kg vacuum bag, depends on your packing variety and packing volume, packing film, etc;
Control system PLC+ touch screen
voltage AC, 380V-415V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P
Weight G.W.1200kg
Power 3.5KW
Pneumatic 0.8Mpa, 0.5CBM/min
supplies all kinds of grain or granule, like rice, coffee, sugar, salt, beans, washing powder, etc
Main functions Automatically measure, make bags, fill, seal, cut, printing codes, etc

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