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Side Sealed Liquid Packing Machine

1, this machine is applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and pesticide industries liquid, paste, paste body material. Such as shampoo, shower, face cream, fruit juice, jam, sauces, etc.
Second main performance and features 1, can be done automatically in the packaging process, metering, bag filling, sealing, cutting, counting and hot pressing, batch number, etc. All the work, with calibration without adjusting.
2, intelligent control system and LCD display in both Chinese and English. Just setting parameters can be precisely controlled system operation.
3, heat sealing machine for bag edge evenly heating control, up and down on both sides of the thermal control separately.
4, replacement tool can realize a glyph, decorative pattern cutting, one glyph joint cutting, cutting bag stable and reliable BuKa bag, simple operation, configurable wheel code printer, for batch number, expiration date, etc.
Name: Side Sealed liquid packaging machine
Model:PL – 240Y
Filling Type:pump
Bag type: four sides sealing or three sides sealing bag
Dose range: 0 to 50 ml
Bag Size: length 40-150 mm, width:15-100 – mm wide
Packing speed :30-60bags/min
Control  system:PLC control system in both Chinese and English display
Appearance :stainless steel plate
Power :1.2 kw single phase electric source ac 220 v, 50 hz heavy
Gross weight :200 kg
Dimensions: length 650 mm width 600 mm 1600 mm high
Packing materials :kinds of liquid, paste, such as: shampoo, shower gel, lotion, fruit juice, sauce, tomato sauce etc.


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