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Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel (Shrink Sleeve)


(1)Main machine size:1700L x 500W x 1700H mm (2)Whole Stainless Steel Body (3)Blow Air Frequency Controlled (4)Wider Entrance and Exit ,More Cups into it which makes the whole line speed faster (5)Recirculating air from Up and Down,lower temperature and better shrinkage of the cup (6)Suitable for All kinds of cups shrink,No need to adjust the height when changing cups (7)11meter TEFLON chain ,up to 350℃ heat resistance (8)Solid body Frame ,Stronger and more stable (9)Weight:about 300kg (10)Voltage:3 phase 380 / 220V (11)Blower power:9KW (12)Suitable for shrink variety container shapes, circle, square, oval-shaped, and curve-shaped etc. (13)Accurately temperature control with +/- 5 degree.  


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