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Full Automatic Nipple Blister Card Packing Machine

Application range:
This machine is suitable for the blister card packing of battery, stationery, food, medical equipment, toys, hard ward, electronics, auto parts, daily use product, cosmetic etc, such as the injector, solid gum, toy car, scissor, flashlight, battery, spark plug, lip stick, hook, shaver, pencil etc.
The main performance characteristics:

Mechanical transmission, servo motor driving, encoder control, reasonable structure,easy operation.
304 stainless steel frame, beautiful appearance, convenient for cleaning.
PLC control system, frequency speed adjust, which will help to reduce the noise and improve the running stability of the machine.
Photoelectrical control, auto detection.
Separated card feeder, which will reduce the labor force.
The whole machine is separately designed, it is convenient to delivery with lift.
To design the mould and auto feeding method according to the product shape.
Main Technical Parameters

Cutting frequency 12-25(times/min)
Maximum travel range 40-200mm
Maximum forming area 480×200mm
Standard forming depth 40mm (can be customized)
Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Air flow ≥0.5m3/min
Total power 380V 50Hz 11.8KW
Main motor power 1.5KW
Overall dimension 5800×1050×1850mm(L×W×H)
Machine weight 2100kg

Latest Electrical configuration:

ID Name Specification Unit Quantity Remark
1 Servo motor MHMD082P1U Set 3 Matsushita
2 Reducer 90-WPE-010 Only 1 Matsushita
90-PLE-010 Only 1
3 Touchscreen NP5-SQ000B Only 1  OMRON
4 Encoder E6B2-CWZ6C  1000Line Only 1 OMRON
5 Inverter 3G3JZ-A4015 Only 1  OMRON
6 PLC CP1H-X40DT-D Only 1  OMRON
7 PLCExpand CP1W-CIF11 Only 1  OMRON
8 PLCExpand CP1W-16ET Only 1  OMRON
9 Temperature module CP1W-TS002 Only 1  OMRON
10 Switching Power Supply S8JC-Z10024C Only 1  OMRON
11 Photoelectric switch E3Z-T61A 2M Only 6  OMRON
12 Intermediate relay LY2NJ  DC24V Only 3  OMRON
13 Intermediate relay G6B-4BND  DC24V Only 4  OMRON
14 Proximity switches TL-Q5MC1-2 Only 5  OMRON
15 Solid State Relay G3NB-240B DC5-24V Only 3  OMRON
16 Exchange 3TS3411 220V Only 1 Siemens
17 Empty open 5SJ6225-7CC Only 1 Siemens
18 Empty open 5SJ6125-7CC Only 1 Siemens
19 Empty open 5SJ6332 Only 8 Siemens
20 Push button PB1M-10 Green Only 3 Siemens
21 Push button PB1M-01ZR Red Only 1 Siemens

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